Mutartt Conservatory Christmas Traditions

    On Sunday December 11 from noon to 4PM, A couple of our members had the pleasure of displaying a small winter themed display at the Muttart conservatory, as part of their trains, toys and Christmas traditions event. You can find out more about the event by following the links at the end of the article. Check out the picture below!

  • Thanks goes out to many of our club members.  To Travis who lent me all of the beautiful Winter Village sets.  Chris G. who provided the original Christmas train and Drew, Ron and Travis whose baseplates covered with white bricksformed the base of the display. Thanks as well to Peter, who provided several of his awesome winter themed vehicles.  We forgot to advise him that there was an outdoor ice rink, so he didn’t have time to make a Zamboni!

    NALUG was in a quiet alcove with a wood working group who shared a lot of their Christmas treats with us. It was fun to run some 12V trains, with the remote controlled switches and stop/go lights.  Unfortunately, one of the old 12 V motors started to show signs of its age and I ended up only running one of the two Christmas trains for the second half of the time there.

    The organizers provided tables and chairs and even fed us lunch.  There were a lot of younger patrons than we see at our other events, it was really fun to see their eyes light up at seeing Lego and even Lego trains.   We might even have recruited another member.   If we are invited again next year, we'll certainly try to enlarge the display if we can find more tables!

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