Muttart Conservatory: A Blue Christmas

    On Sunday December 10, 2017 from 11:00 to 15:00, NALUG thrilled hordes of families and young children with our Lego creations.

    This was our second year there and our layout was over twice the size of 2016.  In keeping with their theme of a Blue Christmas we converted Kolin’s rock and roll stage to host an Elvis concert with an Elvis minifigure bought at Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo. The center area was taken up with a new roller coaster consisting of 44 feet of track tubing and all but two of the crosstie supports sold in 2 expansion track packs from CDX bricks. It worked flawlessly for the entire duration of the show.  A rarity for mechanized contraptions!  Peter filled one end of the layout with his copies of the Lego amusement park rides including the most recent Carousel and Ferris wheel and the Mixer.  Al’s House of Ralph food outlet also made an appearance along with most of the newer Lego food trucks, also courtesy of Peter. 

    Nadine’s and Andrew H’s  help with set up and take down was much appreciated.  Nadine went though her minifigure collection to find several clowns and mimes to fit the theme of the layout, they looked really nice.  Special thanks to Martin who manually controlled that ride and others for several hours, while Michel tinkered and tried to get them all running.  And as always, thanks to everyone who helped make the event such a fantastic success!

  • For more pictures, check out our full gallery of the event! 

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