About Us

   1546163NALUG was formed in 1999 at a local Boston Pizza. Since those humble beginnings NALUG has grown to become a group of approximately forty members and has become increasingly involved with the local community by contributing to m any different shows and displays through the years. At the moment NALUG regularly displays at certain events including the Greater Edmonton Train Show, Eek! Comic and Pop culture expo in St. Albert and the Edmonton Comic-con. We also have a regular weekly display at Fort Saskatchewan Mall. If you’d like more information about our displays or any upcoming events that NALUG is participating in please head over to our display page.

Along with putting on different displays, NALUG hosts a bimonthly meeting for our members where you’ll find us engaged in a variety of activities including:

 Discussing new LEGO® sets and pieces. Our interests span multiple themes: Castle, Trains, Technic, Mindstorms, Town, sculptures, Sci-Fi,Star Wars and more.

Trading or buying LEGO® sets and parts among each other. Sets obtained from stores at deep discounts often make an appearance

 Attending parts drafts NALUG developed the Draft as a great method of distributing bulk LEGO® parts among members

 Swapping construction ideas and techniques, which can result in spontaneous building sprees!

 Going out for pizza! Actually, this was how NALUG was born on Apr 10, 1999