NALUG is composed of a diverse group of enthusiasts from a broad range of occupations. Below is a list of our current memberss well as their Lego interests and Bricklink stores.
Name            Ebay/Bricklink            Lego Interests                        
James B Castle
Raven B Castle, Trains, Pirates

Gary C

Jason D Trains
Ron E Space, Personal Memories
Andrew F Bricklink Bricklord's T Chest Trains, Town Star Wars, Castle

Chris G

Lotr, Hobbit, Creator, Exclusives
Mike G City, Technical, Transportation
Dean H None Listed

Andrew H

Star Wars, Castle, Space, Trains

Kolin H

Star Wars

Drew K

Technic, Castle
John K eBay: activematrix Technic, Trains, Classic Space
Jason K Town, Star Wars
Colin L Space, Town
Albert L Technic, Trains, Classic Star Wars
Nadine L Most Everything
Michael M Trains, Town
Kevin M Trains
Chris M Space
Blaine M eBay: GeekRitualist  Technic, Mindstorms
John M Steampunk, Space, Aircraft 
Kirsten O  Friends, City 
Al P  Castle
Don P Replicas and Historical Sites
Cory P Bricklink: LLC Brickland Star Wars, UCS
Chris P Space, Castle, Town
Bob P None Listed 
Harlee Pichee   None Listed
Ian R Technic, Mindstorms
Laszlo S Bridges and Large Scale Projects
Tim S Castle, Sci-fi, Characters
Jon W Everything
Fred W None Listed
Collyn Z eBay: Odyssey_king Basic bricks, Minifigs, MOC's