All Aboard Model Train Show 2015

    In February- prairie railroad workshop hosted their 31st annual All Aboard Train Show. Some of the members of NALUG went down for the weekend where Andrew, Drew and Kris represented Edmonton for the non-scale category in the Train show. The members arrived on the Friday afternoon and they quickly began construction of the layout- from 3pm til 10pm. We had to get it done in time for Saturday! When morning arrived, it was early, with our team heading to the show two hours early to place the finishing touches... or at least get the trains running. It was a lot of work, but we managed to have everything set up. Of course, since we’re all perfectionists, there was continuous “improvement” of the display during the show. 


  • The turnout for the show was incredible with hundreds of people showing up to see our display booth. During the show- we met the Saskatchewan Lego Users Group who also had a non-scale train display for the show. SLUG's layout had an amazing mash-up of themes looked fantastic. After the show, there was a celebration dinner along with an award ceremony where NALUG won runner-up in the non-scale category! After dinner, SLUG's invited our members to a friendly get-together. 


    Sunday, quickly rolled along and it was by far one of the longest days and by the end most of the members were burned out. But before we knew it, it was tear down. Tearing down is always easier than setting up, and after a few hours we were on our way back to Edmonton for a timely arrival around midnight.


    Overall, it was amazing experience. Despite the weather and road conditions, our members had fun; They got chance to see other LUG's in Canada and meet amazing builders. It's definitely something to look forward to again next year.


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