Comic Expo 2015

    NALUG returned once again this year to the Edmonton Comic and Pop Culture show joining world renowned guest such as Stan Lee and Jenna Coleman for a fun filled weekend of geekiness with a bit of Lego thrown in. Our hoth display was expanded this year, with a new AT-AT dominating the snowscape of Hoth and the sister display of the Jakku scrapyard from the new Star Wars movie was a hit as well. With a couple other spaceships in there from Battlestar Galactica to Firefly along with the ever-popular "where's waldo" display athe entire show was a great success (and we actually succeeded in not completely blocking a hallway thanks to our new location). Over the course of the weekend some of our members also participated in a short panel discussion entitled "The brick Strikes Back: Coming Out of Your Dark Ages", which we'll have a video of up shortly. In the meantime, feel free to check out our full gallery of Expo pictures or peruse the selected ones below!

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